As the world becomes more interconnected, women are taking advantage of more opportunities to break through traditional boundaries and capture positions of leadership in business. Yet some say that women are reluctant to do so in Japan, citing the male-dominated system as one of several seemingly insurmountable impediments.

In a conversation with Dr. Mark Lee Ford, Ms. Yoko Suwa and Ms. Yoko Horiuchi share their thoughts about the changing roles and expectations of today’s businesswomen in Japan and abroad. What vision and mission should career women shape? How can one forge a career in the global arena? How can all of this be done while maintaining a balanced and fulfilling personal life?

Ms Suwa, a prima ballerina-turned-general manager of Chrome Hearts, and Ms. Horiuchi, entrepreneurial-minded marketer for Syngenta Japan, provide valuable insights for both men and women looking to fast track their career in the global economy.

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Dr. Mark Lee Ford, President and Board Director of The Moneo Company

Yuko Suwa, General Manager at Chrome Hearts
Yuko Horiuchi, Manager, Flower Professional of the Lawn and Garden Division at Syngenta Japan K.K.

Time and Date: 19:00-21:00, Friday, August 2, 2013

Venue: GLOBIS University, Tokyo, Japan

Duration: 1:16:28

Language: English

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