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GLOBIS Insights is an extension of GLOBIS University, the proud home of Japan’s No. 1 MBA. Our articles aim to empower businesspersons everywhere to innovate, advance their careers, and achieve their potential.

To advance this mission, we are currently accepting submissions.

Interested in contributing to Insights? We’re pleased to welcome you! To begin, please read the below carefully before submitting.

We’re seeking articles with fresh perspectives on business topics, particularly those related to Japan and Asia. Every article should have a clear message supported by evidence and anecdotes. We love originality and persuasive, well-supported arguments. Above all, our readers should be able to take what you’re presenting and apply it to their business practices in the real world. Here are some topics often found on Insights:

✔ Technology and innovation
✔ Leadership
✔ Entrepreneurship and social impact
✔ Diversity and inclusion
✔ Globalization

And here’s what we don’t want:
✘ Academic analyses or vague interpretations
✘ Puff pieces about companies, products, brands, or individuals
✘ Information that’s already mainstream (Industry 4.0 isn’t coming—it’s here. If you’re planning to write about it, give it a fresh spin that we can’t find on 1,000 other sites.)
✘ Unsupported opinions (Strong opinions are welcome, but we want to learn about them through your experience and reliable, cited sources.)
✘ Flat criticism without solutions (Blogs are for aimless ranting; Insights is for problem solving.)

Our articles tend to run 800 – 1,200 words. Anything longer or shorter will need to have a solid reason for being the length it is.

We do accept reprints, as long as the rights have reverted to the author. Be sure to clearly state where the piece appeared previously and include a link if it’s still active.

Who You Need to Be

✔ An authority on the topic: Give us evidence that you know what you’re talking about—anecdotes, relevant examples, data, and reliable citations.
✔ A flexible and communicative writer: We might change the title of your piece, make cuts, or ask for revisions. We will give you deadlines if we request rewrites, and we expect you to respond to e-mails.
✔ An English speaker. You don’t need to be a native English speaker, but we only accept submissions in English, and we expect those submissions to be well-crafted, persuasive, and free of sloppy errors.

We are NOT interested in link farmers, bots, or any similarly unprofessional writer. And yes, we can tell if you fall into these categories.

We also do NOT accept payment from writers for posting articles under any circumstances. We don’t want your money―we want your expertise!

Style Guide

Like any professional platform, we have a preferred writing style. Generally, we follow American English and The Chicago Manual of Style. At the very least, eliminate indisputable spelling and grammatical errors—articles that have obviously not been proofread will be swiftly shown the door.

A few more particulars that will put you on our good side:
✔ Use serial/Oxford commas. (Jack, John, and Angela—NOT Jack, John and Angela)
✔ Commas and periods go inside quotation marks, always, as per the American English style.
✔ Hyperlink to sources. Do not include links in parentheses or footnotes.
✔ Capitalize responsibly. Our titles follow standard headline format, and we respect the proper noun.

✘ Do NOT double space after periods, add double periods after abbreviations (etc..), or use ellipses (except in amended quotes).
✘ Do NOT cite sources such as Wikipedia, forums, or blogs.
✘ Do NOT misquote or plagiarize sources. (We fact check, and we’ll catch it.)

Submission Process

Still interested? Fantastic. We’re eager to hear from new voices. Please submit your article to Articles should be either pasted into the body of the e-mail as plain text or attached in .doc or .docx format. Be sure to include the subject line: Submission: [Article Title].

A cover letter is not necessary, but if you’ve never written for us before, please send us a brief profile:
✔ Your full name (indicate a pen name separately, if you prefer to use one)
✔ Your occupation and background (graduating university, certifications, awards, professional achievements, etc.)
✔ Any previous publications (online, print, audio, what have you)

We’re especially interested in relevant experience that qualifies you to write about what you’re sending us. (We don’t need to know you were a dog walker unless you’re writing about how innovations in dog walking can be applied to management, for example.)

Please DO NOT:
✘ Mail us hardcopies, inquire by phone, or FAX us
✘ Send queries or proposals (We want clean, complete articles.)
✘ Re-submit rejected articles
✘ Ask for feedback after rejection. We will let you know if we think an article can be edited to suit our platform. If you don’t receive such instructions, we’re not the right place for your article.

We respond to all submissions. Expect up to four weeks for a response. After that, feel free to query. We accept up to two submissions at a time, sent in separate e-mails. Please wait for a response to any submission before sending more. We do not accept simultaneous submissions.

Revisions & Scheduling

It’s common for us to request revisions. Minor edits will be handled in house and shared with you prior to publication. To maximize our audience, we’re committed to making your piece as strong as possible.

Please note that our editing team has final say over all images, headlines, subheaders, and style choices.

We will schedule finalized pieces according to where they best fit within our publication schedule. Currently, Insights posts new content three times/week (Mon, Wed, Fri). We will notify you of the date of publication once all content is finalized.

Payment & Rights

While we cannot offer payment at this time, we promote all of our articles with our global social media community.

Any content published on GLOBIS Insights should remain exclusive to our site for at least two weeks. After that, you are free to reprint elsewhere, but please link back to the original article on GLOBIS Insights.