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Dr. Jorge Calvo

Deputy Dean and Faculty, GLOBIS University
Jorge is an independent strategic advisor, professor, and author with over 30 years’ professional experience in Europe and Japan, focusing on business transformation and digitalization. At GLOBIS University, he serves as deputy dean and faculty of Strategy, Moonshot Transformation, Industry 4.0, Operations Strategy, Robotics & Business, and Business Research. He is also executive-in-residence and an associate professor of Strategy Business Transformation at ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain, and serves as board director at the Japanese Operations Management & Strategy Academic Association.

He holds a PhD in economics and business administration from Universitat Abat Oliba CEU.
MBA Essentials
JAN 8, 2021

Critical Questioning: MBA Faculty Q&A #4

There’s no better way to kick off a new year than by getting a little ahead of the curve! Here are a few things GLOBIS faculty wished every student knew from day 1.

MBA Essentials
DEC 7, 2020

Critical Questioning: MBA Faculty Q&A #3

Not creative? Not tech savvy? Want to start a business that’s not about money? Our December 2020 Q&A with GLOBIS University faculty has the perfect insights for you!

Tech & Innovation
FEB 25, 2020

8 Ways to Achieve Augmented Leadership in the Digital Age

Leading in the digital age will depend on a new dynamic and a transformation of leadership mindset in 8 key areas.

Eliminating Repetitive Office Work through Disruptive AI and Global Moonshot Leadership at Cinnamon, Inc.

Can AI bring an end to bland office work? Can it help us leave a better working environment for future generations? GLOBIS deputy dean Jorge Calvo discusses this and more with Cinnamon, Inc. founder and AI expert Miku Hirano.

McDonald’s Japan Plays Pokémon GO for Business: A Model for How Small Teams Can Leverage Emerging Technologies for Wild Success

McDonald’s Japan raked in huge profits from the Pokemon GO craze by having the foresight to understand the potential of IoT marketing gamification.

Tech & Innovation
JUL 26, 2019

The Miracle of Amazon’s Digital Supply Chain

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos didn’t invent supply chain management, but he’s certainly proven the tremendous potential of digital platforms. Starting…

Tech & Innovation
JUN 21, 2019

The Rise of Robots and Green Energy for All: Exponential Fears or Opportunities?

Dr. Jorge Calvo presents controversies and predictions of exponential thinking, as per the Singularity University Global Summit.

Global Japan
MAY 14, 2019

Welcoming Reiwa: A New Era with a New Kind of Emperor

What can Japan expect from its new emperor. Experts predict that his will be an era of change, with a global-minded intellectual at the helm.

Tech & Innovation
MAR 15, 2019

Drones, Drones Everywhere! Transformation in Business and Beyond

What are the main drivers of the drone sector? How will this rising market impact traditional industries such as agriculture, retail, security, and even mining? Will drones be advanced enough by the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to carry athletes onto the field? Wrapping up this two-part series, GLOBIS Deputy Dean Jorge Calvo walks us through some of the specific applications of drones and how these advancements are impacting business innovation.

Drones, Drones Everywhere! The Rise of Drone Technology

Drones, like smartphones, almost seemed to appear from nowhere and take the world by storm. In truth, the technology goes further back than many people realize. For the first installment of this two-part series, GLOBIS Deputy Dean Jorge Calvo takes us back through some drone history and shares some shocking projections for the not-so-distant future.