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Global Japan
FEB 2, 2012

How Asian Corporations deal with Globalization 2/2

…I assume that it’s some sort of globalization of the corporation? Or the corporation globalization? What is the definition of globalization in your point of view? KARTHIK RAMANNA: What’s the…

Global Japan
FEB 1, 2012

How Asian Corporations Deal with Globalization (Part 1 of 2)

…deal with Globalization – Recent Issues and Challenges Speaker: Dr. Karthik Ramanna, Harvard Business SchoolDialogue Partner: Mr. Kotaro Tamura, Invited Fellow at RAND CorporationDate and Venue: November 21, 2011 at…

Global Japan
DEC 9, 2016

[Diplomacy] Globalization in Retreat? Opportunities for Japan?

G1 Global Conference 2016 Breakout Session 3: [Diplomacy] “Globalization in Retreat? Opportunities for Japan?” Oct 21, 2016. ( The implementation of Brexit and Donald Trump’s Republican candidacy seemed to confirm a…

Global Japan
JUL 12, 2017

Why Your Business Globalization Efforts Seem Harder Than Usual

…necessarily apply,” concludes Mr. Kazan. There appears to be a greater need for scenario planning among companies. In this time of “fragmenting globalization,“ it becomes essential to dig deeper into…

Career Success
NOV 10, 2008

HBS Centennial Global Business Summit

…HBS Centennial Global Business Summit was designed around three themes: Globalization, Leadership, and The Future of Capitalism. The morning sessions were devoted to plenary keynote addresses followed by breakout sessions…

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FEB 1, 2018

Voices from a Mountaintop: How Davos Sees 2018 Playing Out

…point to the various problems faced by the people left behind by globalization, but few of them seemed to have any viable real-world solutions. It’s easy enough to repeat mantras…

Global Japan
NOV 28, 2016

Technology, Community, and Culture: The Fight for a Better Future

…a strong cultural identity (and keep it), even in the face of globalization. On the other hand, it is a weakness because without true external influence, Japan is very set…

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MAR 4, 2011

Scenes from the First Day of G1 Summit 2011(1) : Sounds of Words, Sounds of Music

…employees who love Japan for their globalization,” Toyama elaborated. “They may keep functional headquarters overseas, but their globalization fails unless they differentiate headquarters by positioning their spiritual headquarters in Kyoto,…

Career Success
FEB 12, 2014

A New Model of Leadership for the 21st Century

…four. 1. Globalization means cross-border collaboration In the past, leaders needed only to be concerned about issues in their own country. Due to globalization, they now have to collaborate with…

Tech & Innovation
APR 18, 2017

Crowdstorming for Competitive Innovation: Creating the New at Adidas

…digitalization, IoT, and AI, but I also have to pay attention to demographic changes, globalization etc., and interpret them for the future of work and organizations. I need to answer…