Does an MBA help or hinder entrepreneurs and managers? What are the secrets of successful entrepreneurs?

Dr. Mark Lee Ford, GLOBIS faculty and president and board director of The Moneo Company discusses this and more with his fellow entrepreneurs.

Title: GLOBIS Talks: “Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs: Does an MBA help or hinder entrepreneurs and managers?” Part1 of 3
Speaker: Dr. Mark Lee Ford, President and Board Director of The Moneo Company, and his entrepreneur fellow
Time and Date: 19:00-21:00, Thursday, June 14, 2012
Venue: GLOBIS University, Tokyo, Japan
Duration: 24:41
Language: English

Event Description

Buzz about the utility of an MBA in Japan has never been louder. Treading water in a listless Japanese economy, applicants have been flocking to business schools in record numbers. Most apply for the usual motivations: broader career opportunities, more money, a ticket to the inner circle.

However, entrepreneurs are abandoning corporate ranks in ever-increasing numbers to launch ventures, and are asking themselves: “Is MBA right for me?” Drawing inspiration from icons like Jobs and Zuckerburg, entrepreneurs are sharply divided on whether an MBA helps or hinders one’s quest to create the company of one’s dreams. Opponents say that MBAs are an unbearable opportunity cost that kills entrepreneurial spirit and burns valuable time. Proponents of MBAs insist that it is absurd to strive to be a statistical outlier, like a Zuckerburg; an MBA is critical for the entrepreneur to channel entrepreneurial spirit into practical action with solid business skills.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a manager aspiring to be an “intrapreneur” in your company, this discussion should be relevant to those who want to develop their personal or professional mission, especially if you are wondering if getting an MBA is right for you.

Watch a fast-paced, exciting dialogue among successful entrepreneurs—with and without MBAs—to hear them weigh-in on this important issue and other matters of critical importance to entrepreneurs. Moderated by Dr. Mark Lee Ford (President, The Moneo Company), the panel will share practical insights from years of glorious victories and stinging failures: insights from seasoned business people who can help you to make a better informed decision about getting an MBA.

Discussion Points

・Will getting an MBA make me a better leader?
・Will business school stimulate or stifle my entrepreneurial spirit?
・Is MBA a necessity or luxury?
・Are MBA’s relevant at all in the 21st Century’s Flat World? Is this just commoditized knowledge that anyone can get online?
・Gates, Jobs, Ellison, Zuckerburg? Should we aspire to follow career trajectories of the entrepreneurial greats who succeeded without MBA’s, or are they just outliers that are statistically irrelevant to the reality of most entrepreneurs?

Does an MBA Help or Hinder, Part 2

Duration: 32:58

Does an MBA Help or Hinder, Part 3

Duration: 14:53

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