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Leo Castillo

Director, World Institute of Action Learning Philippines

GLOBIS Graduate
Leo is a GLOBIS graduate now working as a partner and senior consultant for Management Strategies and Chairman for World Institute for Action Learning Philippines. He has more than seventeen years' experience in organizational development, focusing primarily on leadership development, team dynamics and culture change programs. His clients include many Fortune 500 global and local companies located in the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, and China.
Global Japan
AUG 24, 2018

Pursuing an MBA in Japan

Are you considering an MBA in Japan? Wondering if the choice is right for you? GLOBIS alumnus Leo Castillo shares…

Career Success
AUG 22, 2018

How Asking the Right Questions Makes You a More Effective Leader

Effective communication is perhaps the most important quality for a leader. GLOBIS alunnus and organizational development executive Leo Castillo explains…