On the occasion of GLOBIS’s 20th anniversary, I offer my thanks to you all.

August 1 is the date of GLOBIS’s anniversary. At the end of July 20 years ago, I left Sumitomo Corporation. And on August 1 twenty years ago, GLOBIS was fully inaugurated. At that time, its capital stood at 800,000 yen and its office was a room in an apartment building in Sangenjaya, Tokyo. Pamphlets were prepared using photocopiers. Lectures were given at rental classrooms in the Dogenzaka district in Shibuya.

Two decades have since passed. GLOBIS is now Japan’s leading graduate management school and educational institution in business administration. This is infrastructure for people. Its venture capital operation is now top-ranked in the country. This is infrastructure for capital. And it now offers high-level knowledge creation and dissemination through the G1 summit, publications, and the GLOBIS.JP website. This is infrastructure for knowledge resources. 

GLOBIS has thus built a business infrastructure that encompasses people, capital, and knowledge resources and has evolved into an institution that supports creation and innovation in society, as stated in its vision.

I know that this achievement would not have been possible without the efforts of all the staff members who have come to work at GLOBIS. So I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the many different stakeholders who have supported GLOBIS, including our customers, students, lecturers, partners, investing firms, banks, and the community at large.

On the occasion of GLOBIS’s 20th anniversary, I offer my thanks to you all. We will continue to take steady steps forward towards our goal of becoming Asia’s Number One in our field. Thank you in advance for your continued support and guidance.

Yoshito Hori @ USA on business trip… at the dawn of August 1