We sat down with GLOBIS University Alumni Zsuzsanna Jarfas to see what she has been up to since graduating in May 2017. 

What have you been doing since graduation?

[With Japan Creative Enterprise, founded by GLOBIS Faculty Cris Vlad,] I have been involved in designing and promoting an exciting (Corporate) Culture Change Management Program helping our clients transition from being “successful small” to “successful large.” As is often the case, the “medium stage” poses the most challenges. Smart strategies, sophisticated systems, and lean processes do not drive change.

People do.

I have always been attracted to the “human puzzle,” and this is why I am happy to help drive change through people–gaining buy-in and inspiring others to achieve great things, and refining systems and processes together to claim ownership and sustain the momentum.

How has your MBA helped you?

I am particularly appreciative of GLOBIS University’s strategic approach to finance, the “story-telling through numbers.” It reassured me of my confidence in numbers, and added substantial power to my proposals, making them much more convincing. 

What would be your advice for future MBA students coming to Japan?

I would like to refer to the storytelling-with-a-purpose method we learned and applied in our MBA classes. To optimize the benefits of an MBA in Japan, it is important to verbalize your intended career path, the gap between the present and desired states, and how specifically the MBA will help bridge this gap. We alumni are here to help answer your questions, so please do not hesitate to ask!

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