While President Trump touts “America First,” Prime Minister Abe seeks a proactive Japan that will “shine in the center of a worldwide stage.” What do these two visions mean in practice and what do they portend for the U.S.-Japan relationship? Early on, President Trump announced the US withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and turned to China to resolve the North Korea nuclear and missile crisis. What role might a “proactive Japan” take on these sensitive, critical issues? Meanwhile, both leaders are suffering serious domestic challenges to their agenda. How will this impact the U.S.-Japan relationship? How strong is the US-Japan security alliance and is it configured to tackle 21st century challenges? Finally, what areas for cooperation ought to be prioritized beyond Northeast Asia security and trade? The panelists gather to discuss this important juncture in one of the world’s most important bilateral relations.

Sept 18, 2017. G1 Global Conference.

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