Shu Ueyama, president of Ueyama & Associates, talks about how he handles personal branding in business and in life.

Speaker: Shu Ueyama, President, Ueyama & Associates
Date: Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
Venue: GLOBIS Tokyo Campus
Language: English

What do Sir Richard Branson, Lady Margaret Thatcher, and former Sony President Akio Morita have in common? They all developed strong business and personal relationships with Shu Ueyama. How was he able to cultivate such relationships with his own personal brand? And how can we do it, too?

Ueyama talks about his key success factors in building his personal brand. From his unique perspective as an author of more than 44 books and host of a successful Japanese television show, he speaks about his experiences interacting with over 50 global leaders. He refers to the inner qualities each of us can develop to market ourselves more effectively, influence others, and enhance our personal network for a more successful career and fruitful life.

He is joined in a dialogue by Dr. Adam Kassab, lecturer of Organizational Leadership and Human Resources at GLOBIS University and an expert on storytelling. Together, they discuss the inner qualities business professionals can bring out in order to create a genuine and convincing personal image for today’s turbulent marketplace.

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