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Some business leaders swear by MBAs—others are skeptical. The truth is, most business professionals don’t need an MBA in the same way that, say, a marine biologist needs to study biology. But it’s also true that MBA knowledge can provide an invaluable leg up to anyone at any stage in their career.

As GLOBIS founder and CEO Yoshito Hori puts it, building up specialty knowledge through education is like learning to speak a foreign language. You can get by overseas without language skills, but if you have them, they sure are helpful when it comes to acquainting yourself with the locals, broadening opportunities, and getting out of scrapes.

Still, getting an MBA can be daunting! Especially for those of us who have limited experience in formal business.

How do marketing and strategy actually work?

Managing people often feels like herding cats…are there really effective basics when it comes to leadership?

What about the dreaded number games in finance and accounting?

GLOBIS University, Japan’s No. 1 MBA, breaks down business learning into six fundamental areas:
 1. Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
 2. Marketing & Strategy
 3. Accounting & Finance
 4. Critical Thinking & Analytical Skills
 5. Management Philosophy
 6. Technovate

Want to see where you stand? Try this quick MBA quiz!

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So…how did you do? Are you ready to communicate more effectively with critical thinking frameworks like the pyramid structure? Or show off your leadership and management skills? Or develop your personal mission?

If not, never fear! There are lots of ways to brush up on your business knowledge. In fact, if you’re curious about what an MBA is like, consider signing up for a free trial class from GLOBIS University.

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