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Global Japan
OCT 15, 2019

How to Meet Client Expectations amid Rising Competition in the Age of Manufacturing Digitization

…How do you create value for your business associates and clients in Europe? TG:       We are a Japanese company with a long tradition of manufacturing in Japan, so we brought…

Global Japan
JUN 5, 2013

The Answer to Future Economic Stability of the Philippines

…the manufacturing sector, especially in semiconductors and electronics. This would re-invigorate the country’s exports and increase high-value, high-impact investments in the Philippines. One of the biggest manufacturing companies in the…

Career Success
APR 6, 2010

Japanese corporations should forget the monozukuri myth and work on refining management capacity

…of monozukuri (the act of making something): modular and integral. The electronics industry involves a modular manufacturing process in everything from PCs, TVs, digital cameras and “white” appliances to semiconductors; so monozukuri is fairly…

Global Japan
FEB 1, 2012

How Asian Corporations Deal with Globalization (Part 1 of 2)

…a business background? Basically everybody, huh? Manufacturing business? Finance? Education? Japanese companies? Thank you. This means nothing, nothing but the practice of raising your hands. So, you can cut in…

The Digital Revolution: Why Is Japan Not in the Lead?

…points to issues in two key areas: business models and design thinking. Services vs. manufacturing on the global stage Let’s start with business models. The United States has long enjoyed…

Tech & Innovation
JAN 10, 2017

Storytelling Trumps AI

…machines can do, better? Automation will affect all jobs, not just manufacturing. While AI is not likely to replace any one job in its entirety, it will replace specific skills and…

Career Success
NOV 25, 2014

Business Is Battle: Seize the Commanding Heights!

…biggest company wins by dint of sheer size. That could be Samsung in D-RAM memory manufacturing, Foxconn in contract manufacturing, or Harvard among MBA schools. 2. Economies of scope Scale…

Career Success
MAR 5, 2011

G1 Summit 2011 (2): Scenes from the Second Day – Exchanges at Conference Rooms, Whisky Distillery, Public Bath and Bar

…economist Noriyuki Yanagawa, and others took the platform at a session on “Opening Up the Japanese Economy.” Another session focused on the theme, “Restoring Japan’s National Commitment to Manufacturing: Going…

Global Japan
NOV 24, 2016

Even after Brexit and Trump, Japan Is Remarkably Stable

…utmost to maintain a domestic manufacturing base despite the high cost of labor, keeping local communities intact. • Japanese companies practice an egalitarian ethos. Bosses earn a relatively low multiple…

Tech & Innovation
FEB 28, 2018

Design Thinking: A Long Journey to Japan

…and Mass Manufacturing To find the roots of design thinking, we need to look to Europe in the era of the Industrial Revolution (late 19th and early 20th centuries). It…