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Misato Nagakawa

Faculty Group, International,
Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS

Global Shapers Yokohama
Ms. Nakagawa was born and raised in Tokyo and worked for GLOBIS Corporation as a consultant in the Corporate Education Department for three years. She holds two master's degrees: one from the University of Tokyo in public policy, and the other from Peking University in international studies. She also attended Seoul National University as part of an exchange program.

In addition to her duties at GLOBIS, she serves as a board member for educational institution Wake Up Japan and is a member of Global Shapers at the Yokohama Hub.
Career Success
MAY 3, 2021

The Special Value of Being a Generalist

Many companies cling to the tradition of seeking specialists for many roles. But the world is changing. Here are three secrets to becoming a superb generalist.

Catalyzing Digital Transformation through the Human Element

In a world where less than 20% of companies successfully transform from analog to digital, one entrepreneur is pouring oil on Thailand’s digital transformation fire.

Career Success
MAR 1, 2021

Thai Artist Empowers Decision-makers with the Fuel of Perspective

The more perspectives you understand, the better decisions you make. Nakrob Moonmanas uses art to shock himself into new perspectives—and you should, too.

Tech & Innovation
JAN 22, 2021

How to Empower Yourself for Social Change in the Age of Digitalization

Young people don’t believe they can change the world…but they should. In fact, they have 2 unique weapons in their arsenal to bring social change.

Career Success
JAN 13, 2021

The Power of Being an Outlier

Chikara Takeoka knows that being an outlier isn’t always a bad thing. Here’s why sometimes standing out is the key to victory.

Career Success
NOV 2, 2020

The Great Unplanned Career (Yes, It’s Doable)

Yoriko Beal tried the traditional career route. The moment she went rogue, she built a career that was not only exciting, but fulfilling.

Global Japan
SEP 8, 2020

After Searching the Globe, Star Educator Finds Purpose at Home

Early in our career, we often find ourselves doing jobs we never envisioned in places we never imagined. This is how one man learned his career experiences were all connected.

Global Japan
AUG 7, 2020

Young Rising Stars: Evolving Japanese Society with Diversity and Equality in the Office

Refugees and expatriates often face cultural resistance. In Japan, one young woman is training business leaders to embrace diversity for a better soceity.

Global Japan
JUL 28, 2020

Meet the Entrepreneur Making Young People Fall Head Over Heels for Rural Japan

The decision to become an entrepreneur isn’t always a life-long goal. Sometimes, it’s a leap made in response to what we see happening around us.

Global Japan
MAY 21, 2019

The Millennial Identity: How East Asian Students at Top Universities See Themselves

Do East Asians identify with the term “millennial” the same way young people do in the West? What do organizations need to know about this important portion of the workforce?