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bright cities draw yellow lines over the dark side of the earth

In the Fight Against Coronavirus, Strategy First, AI Later

...collect coronavirus info is through tests—expensive tests that come to about USD$25 each. What’s more, they’re increasingly unavailable. According to Professor Mazzuccato’s opinion piece in The New York Times on...
A grey tabby cat lays in the sunbeams, gazing at the camera.

Looking Back on the Coronavirus Risk Factors We Didn’t Expect

According to World Meter, as of June 12, for every million people in Belgium, there have been 832 deaths by coronavirus. The numbers for Spain, Italy, the UK, and France...

Gaming Industry’s Genki Shiota: Coronavirus Era Special Report

...gaming company Akatsuki Inc., shares how to stay motivated and connected when working remotely, as well as some thoughts on the post-coronavirus transformation of the entertainment industry. Transcript How do...
Two businessmen look out of an air balloon over shark-infested waters.

Post-Coronavirus Readiness Quiz: Are You Ready to Excel?

Everyone’s hoping for a new start in 2021. But getting ahead during this coronavirus recovery isn’t just about getting back to normal. More than ever, businesses and businesspeople are out...
World map shows spread of coronavirus across countries

Coronavirus Reactions by Region: Is the Grass Greener in the Next Country Over?

...to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll.” Globally, government debt was a serious issue prior to coronavirus, as illustrated by this graph...
A book sits open on a aged windowsill.

Books in the Time of Coronavirus: What to Read During Self-Quarantine

...WWIII, that we’re collectively diving headfirst into a dystopian sci-fi novel. Even before coronavirus started shutting down borders, the state of global affairs looked pretty grim. Hans Rosling wrote Factfulness...
Both old and contemporary black and white photographs hang on a clothesline.

Overcoming Humanity’s Collective Amnesia Is the Key to Conquering Coronavirus

...shown by a higher survival rate during coronavirus. The problem is, as we adjust to the new reality coming out of a catastrophe, we adapt quickly. We forget. What have...

Astronaut Naoko Yamazaki: Coronavirus Era Special Report

...and communication are crucial. They build a strong foundation for an organization or team, which helps when something unexpected happens. Get more GLOBIS Coronavirus coverage here.Video Adapted from 「宇宙の知恵を生かす」by 知見録...
A team of nine members, each wth strange teleworking backgrounds

Remote Work Advice from the GLOBIS Digital Platform

...home? Here are their four key tips. Tip 1: Keep a Routine and Manage Your Time Chinatsu, Front-end Engineer Pre-coronavirus remote work: 1 or 2 days/week Advice: Do chores between...
A man in a pink "Basic Income March" vest stands in front of a crowd of people wearing similar vests.

The Future Holds More Unemployment, and Our Only Defense Is Universal Basic Income

...can help ensure you categorize without gaps or overlaps. Check out this course from GLOBIS Unlimited for a practical demonstration of how it works! Learn More Coronavirus has given society...

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