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Laura Abbott

Deputy Editor,

GLOBIS Insights
As a trained editor, Ms. Abbott works in multiple forms, including web copy, dissertations, and novels. She has spent more than six years and 3,500+ consulting hours editing for multilingual authors around the globe. As a writer, she enjoys crafting multidisciplinary perspectives by combining seemingly unrelated subjects. Laura Abbott joined GLOBIS in 2020 and is currently the deputy editor of GLOBIS Insights.

She holds a BA in English and an Editing & Publishing Certificate from Washington State University. Laura also runs her own long-form fiction editorial consulting business. Her professional interests are multilingual rhetoric, story theory, cognitive psychology, and exotic animals.
Career Success
MAY 7, 2021

The Golden Rules for Pitching Sustainability to Angel Investors

Your business plan is solid—now you just need capital. So how do you get the attention of sustainability-focused investors?

Career Success
APR 23, 2021

Leading Sustainably Should Be Required Reading for Businesspeople

Book review: Leading Sustainably: The Path to Sustainable Business and How the SDGs Changed Everything by Trista Bridges and Donald Eubank.

Pivoting Gifting into the Modern Age

Archer Chiang’s bootstrapped company wants to change the way companies give gifts—but the startup took its time finding this niche.

Coding the Way to a New Working Style

The extra burdens women face often act as career obstacles. Is an AI-driven working style the solution?

Career Success
MAR 12, 2021

Making Space for It All

Everything one space-industry CEO learned about starting a family and a company at the same time.

Career Success
MAR 5, 2021

Impact Ventures Are the Next True Change-makers

In a world facing many problems, impact ventures are the vanguards fighting back. Here’s why you should work for, buy from, and invest in impact ventures.

Career Success
FEB 19, 2021

“The Future Had Better Be Ethics Driven”

An argument for ethics, not big data, as the best hope for a sustainable future.

Career Success
FEB 1, 2021

Post-Coronavirus Readiness Quiz: Are You Ready to Excel?

Do you have the knowledge necessary to distinguish yourself in the post-coronavirus future? Take our quiz to find out.

Career Success
DEC 14, 2020

Supercharge Intern Performance with 3 Company-Verified Tips

Don’t know how to make your intern perform? Read our 3 company-backed tips here.

Career Success
DEC 2, 2020

Underrepresented Founders Can Triumph Using These 8 Strategies

In the new era of antiracism, underrepresented founders are in a prime position to achieve their startup dreams. Here’s how.