Two businessmen look out of an air balloon over shark-infested waters.
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Everyone’s hoping for a new start in 2021. But getting ahead during this coronavirus recovery isn’t just about getting back to normal. More than ever, businesses and businesspeople are out to distinguish themselves, and making the most of this recovery period will mean staying on top of the latest business thinking.

And as we all know, that thinking can change fast. It wasn’t that long ago that notable publications like Harvard Business Review and The Atlantic were still unsure of remote work. Staying competitive will require a balance in what we knew, what we know, and the knowledge yet to come.

From the future of business to SDGs and even global healthcare perspectives, future-minded experts from all over the world weighed in at last year’s G1 Global Conference. This and other conferences provide valuable talking points for the global business community and beyond.

Are you ready to become part of an even better post-coronavirus world? Let’s find out.

How were your answers? Did you know the best way to pivot a business in crisis? Have you got your AI priorities straight?

If not, never fear! There’s still plenty to learn from our weekly G1 Global video clips! And if these leave you wanting more, check out the full G1 panels on YouTube.

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