Illustration of a businessman standing on a giant question mark, looking ahead to the future of work through a spyglass

Business today is not the same as business yesterday, and business tomorrow will be different still. What’s waiting for us in the future of work? Well, if we look at what’s trending in business now, we can venture a few strong guesses.

Teams will interact differently with diversity as an accepted innovation asset. Company cultures will adapt (or be constructed in the first place) to support not just work-life balance, but work-life integration. Sustainability will be understood as a matter of strategic longevity.

Already, and at an accelerated pace, companies are no longer encouraged to give back to their communities or use environmental practices―they are required to do so. It isn’t only new laws enforcing this transition, either. It’s the voices of customers and employees demanding change. Companies that fail to adapt will be left behind, wondering what happened.

To meet the challenges and opportunities of this new environment, business leaders need a whole new base vocabulary. You’ll still need to know the essentials of finance, marketing, and critical thinking, of course, but the future of work will demand more. Forging the right path for your company’s tomorrow is about more than setting KPIs, understanding negotiation ZOPA, or performing PEST analyses.

Do you know the acronyms you’ll need to survive the future of work? Take this quiz to find out!

How did you do? Are you set, or are you stumped? Did you know the terms out of hand, or did you have to guess? If you didn’t get a perfect score, don’t get discouraged! These are new terms, and everyone will need to learn them to transform our collective future of work.

If you’re still struggling to keep up, time to get informed! Read up on diversity, sustainability, and communication. A learning mindset is the best head start anyone can hope for to meet the future of work head on.

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