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Tom Kelley

Partner, IDEO

Chairman and Cofounder, D4V (Design for Ventures)
Mr. Kelley is a partner at IDEO and cofounder and chairman of D4V (Design for Ventures).
Tech & Innovation
FEB 22, 2021

How to Think Outside the Box Like an IDEO Designer

It used to be that crises came about every thirty years, then every 20 years . . . They seem like they come about every three years now. So hold onto all of those things that you learn.

Global Japan
DEC 19, 2018

Japan in 2030: Actions For a More Connected World

Despite the many fractures in the world today, there are opportunities for connections. How can we seize these opportunities, and…

Career Success
DEC 4, 2017

Using Design Thinking to Harness Creativity and Quantum Leaps in Business

From G1 Global Conference: Sept 18, 2017.​ Many people—even Japanese—do not know that the world sees Japan as the world’s…