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Shinichi Takamiya

Partner, Chief Strategy Officer
GLOBIS Capital Partners
Shin is Chief Strategy Officer, and leads consumer internet investments at Globis Capital Partners. His track record includes iStyle (ticker 3660), Shimauma Print System (M&A), and Aufcan (ticker 3674) etc. Prior to joining GLOBIS, Shin lead management consulting projects at Arthur D. Little where he developed corporate strategy, new business strategy and innovation strategy for leading IT service providers and healthcare companies. Shin received BA in Economics from University of Tokyo (graduation thesis with Honor's Award) and MBA from Harvard Business School (Second Year Honor).
Global Japan
OCT 22, 2014

Entrepreneurship in Japan: Where does Growth Come from?

By Robert Eberhart, Fujiyo Ishiguro, Shinichi Takamiya, Vachara Phanchet and Georges Desvaux. < Session Title > G1 Global Conference 2014 Breakout Session II…