G1 Global Conference 2014

Breakout Session IIB: Entrepreneurship in Japan: Where does Growth Come from?

Date: September 15, 2013
Venue: GLOBIS University, Tokyo Campus
Duration: 1:16:10

Entrepreneurship and innovation have long been considered to be a crucial component of economic growth. The “third arrow” of Abenomics includes policies intended to restore Japan’s venture spirit, although its true effects may only become visible in the longer term. What are the driving forces behind entrepreneurship, and what strategies should be pursued to create an environment that can maximize prospects for dynamic growth? Panelists with experience and in-depth knowledge of business innovations and startups in Japan and Asia will discuss these topics.

Robert Eberhart, Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship, Santa Clara University
Fujiyo Ishiguro, President and CEO, Netyear Group Corporation
Shinichi Takamiya, Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, GLOBIS Capital Partners

Special Contributor
Vachara Phanchet, Chairman Emeritus, Pacific Basin Economic Council

Georges Desvaux, Managing Partner, McKinsey Japan

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