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Businesses Can Get GLOBIS Unlimited For Their Whole Workforce or Individual Teams. Develop a shared understanding between colleagues with shared frameworks, concepts, and business approaches.

It feels like just yesterday that GLOBIS Insights launched, and yet here we are five years later! Today, we celebrate a half decade of creating content to inspire you on your career journey. Whether you’re just testing the water in your first job or looking to ramp up your kokorzoashi mid-career, we’re here to help professionals of all levels grow, adapt, and never stop learning.

“I think success is something you decide. It’s not something society decides.”

Yoshito Hori, Founder & President of GLOBIS University

2016: GLOBIS Insights is born!

Yoshito Hori founded GLOBIS in 1992, and though it would be many years before GLOBIS Insights came into being, his unique, self-empowerment view of business and society is at the core of our mission. Success often feels like something that’s out of our hands, but if you never stop learning, you take control of your future.

As Victor Lindal said at a GLOBIS seminar in our inaugural year way back in 2016, “The future is in your hands. But it comes from you having a picture of what it is.”

How do you start drawing that picture? By empowering yourself through education, whether it’s online courses, a full-time MBA, or GLOBIS Insights.

“I find that you don’t learn so much by talking. You learn by listening.”

Richard McCormack, Senior Advisor at the Center for Strategic & International Studies

2017 – 2019: We try, we adapt, we grow!

It goes without saying that much has changed during our brief five-year history. We partnered with the G1 Institute to help spread knowledge and create a better Japan. We brought in the voices of GLOBIS University students and alumni. And we began to look beyond Japan, even beyond Asia, to the global stage.

Making an impact out there in the big, wide world meant adapting to change and embracing new ideas. It meant we had to never stop learning if we hoped to empower future business leaders for a changing world.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion was a big part of that, even before the term went from diversity to D&I to DEI. Perhaps Rui Matsukawa, member of Japan’s House of Representatives, best iterated the global need at a past G1 Global Conference: “Unless you have a mixture of people—different cultures, different ideas, different ages—you don’t get good ideas.”

Some of the most influential voices in our growing network, from brain scientist Ken Mogi to IDEO partner Tom Kelley, emphasized that soft skills are necessary to achieve a better world for business and society: communication, goal-setting, and empathy, among others.

“We have problems with the environment, we have problems with aging, we have problems with the medical system. The role of business is to address these problems.”

Dr. Robert Alan Feldman, Senior Advisor of Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities

2020: The year when everything changed—for everyone.

COVID-19 dramatically shifted the way the world approached education, business, and . . . everything else. The “never stop learning” mantra became more critical than ever. GLOBIS University rallied to put Technovate into action, moving all classes online in order to keep students safe while they pursued their studies. Meanwhile, GLOBIS Insights shifted into high gear. We had new questions to answer for business leaders striving to move forward in a scary new reality.

How do you manage people in a world of remote work?

How do you set a strategy in the most uncertain social, political, and economical environment of our time?

How do you never stop learning when career advancement seems inevitably stalled?

To answer these questions and more, we shared stories of companies pivoting their business strategies, innovating management, and embracing new realities in the age of COVID-19. But we also kept our eye on the prize we started with, publishing basic frameworks to help you advance from the ground up.

“You should absolutely never settle into a job or career just because you feel it’s too late or you’re too old to change.”

Francis Fung, Career Mindset Coach at Sloane

2021: Welcome to the future of work!

GLOBIS Insights has evolved in some incredible ways over the years, all thanks to our incredible network of contributors, followers, viewers, and readers. From notable G1 speakers such as economist Jesper Koll and Japanese politician Taro Kono to intimate, one-on-one interviews with expert GLOBIS University faculty, our goal of providing valuable content to help future business leaders work with purpose and live with impact has never changed.

Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or just recently discovered GLOBIS Insights, we’re so happy you’re here. Keep following us here and on social media for more daily insights. Together, let’s make a pact to never stop learning!


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