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Ryusuke Honda

Senior Consultant,
GLOBIS Corporate Education

SDG Partners
After graduating Nihon Fukushi University, Mr. Honda began his career with an NPO that revitalizes local communities. He then became an overseas volunteer through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), for which he was dispatched to Papua New Guinea. After returning to Japan, he was employed by JICA in Tokyo, where he helped expand the scope of international cooperation and HR development in collaboration with governments, educational institutions, NPOs, and NGOs.

Now, at GLOBIS, Mr. Honda works in the Corporate Sales Department, where he designs and proposes solutions for clients seeking to optimize HR and organizational development. He has also worked with SDG partners, providing support for corporate sustainability policies, ESG disclosure, and value creation models.
Global Japan
MAY 14, 2021

Corporate Social Value and the Power of SDGs

What does it mean for a company to embrace SDGs? And what’s the best way to put these lofty ideals into practice?