Yoshito Hori speaks about leadership lessons with enthusiasm in a suit and tie

I found out today that I am to be featured on the front cover of the February 13 edition of Forbes Asia Magazine. I haven’t seen a copy yet, but it has been confirmed on the website. Along with Fortune, Forbes is one of the most authoritative magazines in the world. You rarely see a Japanese person on the cover of a magazine like this, so making the cover of Forbes—even if it was the Asia edition—is an occasion of sheer joy.

I’ve begun receiving greater overseas recognition than ever before for my efforts to establish a graduate program from scratch and manage venture capital funds that generate high returns. Of course, in Japan, it’s far easier to step into the limelight by owning a baseball team, buying a TV company, or even running for political office.

I’d like to see this as a great opportunity for helping folks overseas realize there are people in Japan who are steadily, diligently, moving forward.

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