I left the Congress Center after saying goodbye to all my friends who were there. Riding in an Audi, the car drove down the streets of Davos. The sky was turquoise and the ground was white. I felt refreshed. I was on my way to my hotel, to check out, and to head to a heliport.

While riding in the car in a very good frame of mind, I ran into a problem. The road ahead was closed because of a demonstration.
The car managed to reach my hotel, finding gaps among demonstrators. I’m on my way to the heliport now. It’s the Japanese national soccer team’s turn to play at the final of Asia Cup. Go Japan!

I arrived at the heliport. The weather is excellent. My helicopter is about to take off now.

The blades have begun rotating and the helicopter has left the ground.

My helicopter has reached the same height as the top of the Alps.

I can see the town of Klosters and a ski resort down below. A mountain peak is visible in the distance.

The pilot pointed me the border with Austria. The vision reminded me of the opening scene for the movie, The Sound of Music.

Alpine mountains are rugged. They have exposed rock. The helicopter flies overhead.

The helicopter passes the mountains and a plain comes into view. I see Lake Zurich and a town. The helicopter slowly descends.

An airport appears, and the helicopter touches down.

It’s time for me to fly to Jeddah by way of London now.

February 2, 2011
Yoshito Hori
At my house in Sanbancho