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It has been over a week since the earthquake hit Japan on March 11. As I write this message, the entire country of Japan is mourning for the lost lives, supporting the survivors, and tackling with the various problems including the Fukushima nuclear power plant incident.

However, with just after a short week, lifelines in the most affected areas in the northeast are fast being rebuilt, and Tokyo and the rest of Japan are preparing to resume our normal economic activities. During the course of the week, we have witnessed the amazing collective power of this country’s people. We have seen, and expect to keep on seeing significant changes, both social and economical.

This is my third email since the devastating earthquake hit Japan. I have a lot that I want to tell you, so please bear with me.


Thousands of people have died and millions of people are still affected by this terrible tragedy. Therefore, Japanese people are becoming gradually more sensitive towards reactions of other countries, companies and people overseas.

Lufthansa’s airline’s decision not to fly to Narita was a shocking one. The French government also ignited panic by evacuating all residents from the Tokyo area overseas or to Osaka. The US has been very helpful and supportive all the way after the disaster except for some disturbing comments made by Hollywood stars.

We understand that people decided to leave and business had to be shut down temporarily. But at times like these, we can all recognize who are real friends and those who are here in Japan just for their own benefit.Japan will remember your acts forever.

So my friends, we would like all of you to show us you care by supporting Japan.


I keep hearing that the amount of donations coming from overseas is rather small compared to other incidents i.e. Haiti and others. Japan has always been very generous towards other countries when disasters occurred. We all hope that after this tragedy, they too can return the favor.

GLOBIS has set up a donation platform together with the KIBOW Project. I hope you are able to contribute and spread the news of this donation platform.

Thank you all for your support, Your heartfelt messages have been very encouraging, and we appreciate your continued support. We will do our utmost best to support our community and to rebuild our country.


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