By Keiichiro Asao, Michael Cucek, Taro Kono and Jonathan Soble.

< Session Title >
G1 Global Conference 2013
Breakout Panel Session III <A >
Politics in Japan: the July Election and After

< Date > September 16, 2013
< Venue > GLOBIS University, Tokyo Campus
< Duration > 1:14:32

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The Upper House election in July resulted in a resounding victory for the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, giving Shinzo Abe’s coalition government a stable majority in both houses of the Diet. With polls still showing overwhelming support for Abe’s leadership, does this signal a break from the country’s revolving-door politics? And while the opposition parties continue to face the challenge of regaining voters’ confidence, what are the prospects for party realignment? Two leading politicians from the LDP and Your Party are among the panelists to discuss the implications for the future of Japanese democracy.

Keiichiro Asao
Member of the House of Representatives

Michael Cucek
Research Associate, M.I.T. Center for International Studies
Author, Shisaku Blog

Taro Kono
Member of the House of Representatives

Jonathan Soble
Tokyo Bureau Chief, Financial Times

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