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Taro Kono

Member of the House of Representatives, Former Chairperson of the Japanese National Public Safety Commission
Mr. Kono Taro is a member of the House of Representatives. He graduated from Georgetown University in Washington DC. He also attended the Central School of Planning and Statistics in Warsaw, Poland in 1984. Kono joined Fuji Xerox in 1986. He moved to Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific in Singapore in 1991. Kono was elected to the House of Representatives for the first time in 1996, and has been successively re-elected since then. In 2002, he was appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Public Management. He also served as Senior Vice Minister of Justice from November 2005. In 2008, Kono was elected Chairman of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs. In 2015 he was appointed Cabinet Minister in charge of Administrative Reform; Regulatory Reform; Civil Service Reform; Consumer Affairs and Food Safety; and Disaster Management, as well as Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission, or the head of the national police organization.
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JUL 10, 2017

Taro Kono: Developing a Global Mindset

Japanese Politician Taro Kono shares why a global mindset is essential for leaders.

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DEC 6, 2016

Leadership: Thinking the Unthinkable (Panel Session)

Panelists engage in what must be done to confront “unthinkables.”

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OCT 16, 2014

Japan-US Relations: the Role of Japanese Americans

By Glen S. Fukushima, Mitchell T. Maki and Taro Kono. < Session Title > G1 Global Conference 2014 Breakout Session III <B > Japan-US…

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DEC 5, 2013

Politics in Japan: the July Election and After

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