G1 Global Conference 2014

Breakout Session IC: Japan in the Media: What Should Japan’s Story Be, and How Should Japan Communicate It?

Date: September 15, 2013
Venue: GLOBIS University, Tokyo Campus
Duration: 1:17:46

Gone are the days when the phrase “Japan passing” was used to imply the lack of outside attention paid to Japan. The international media now seems to embrace all the hype of Abenomics, although it still remains to be seen whether Japan can add substance to the hype and regain its global significance. How are Abe’s leadership and policies viewed by the foreign media, and how should the priorities of changing Japan be communicated to the global audience? This panel features journalists from leading international media outlets as well as PR and public engagement experts.

Tamzin Booth, Tokyo Bureau Chief, The Economist
Fiona Chan, Senior Economic Correspondent, The Straits Times
Adrian Monck, Managing Director, Head of Public Engagement, World Economic Forum
Yumiko Ono, Managing Editor, WSJ Japan

Ross Rowbury, President and Representative Director, Edelman Japan KK

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