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Fujiyo Ishiguro

President & CEO of Netyear Group Corporation
After working at Brother Industries, Ltd. and Swarovski Japan, Ms. Ishiguro founded a high-tech specialty consulting firm in Silicon Valley and advised clients such as Yahoo!, Netscape, Panasonic, and Sony on US-Japan alliances and technology transfers. As CEO of Netyear Group, she devises comprehensive digital marketing solutions for corporate clients that resolve fundamental business issues. The company was listed on the Mothers section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2008.

Ms. Ishiguro appears often in the media and lectures and writes about business and marketing strategies. Her regular columns include “Smart Times” on Nikkei BUSINESS DAILY; “Capture Business Innovation Tips!” on ITmedia Executive; and “Fujiyo Ishiguro’s Reform Proposal!” on Diamond Online. She has been an advisory board member at ad:tech Tokyo since 2009.

Ms. Ishiguro graduated the School of Economics at Nagoya University and received an MBA from Stanford University. She has been a member of METI several committees. In October 2008, she won the “Entrepreneur of the Year Japan, 2008” in the growth category. For “Woman of the Year, 2009” she was 1st in the Leader category.

Publication:“Don’t conduct a job as your boss suggested” (Asahi Shinsho 2008)
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