From G1 Global Conference: Sept 18, 2017.

With Donald Trump withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate Agreement while simultaneously promoting coal, it has become difficult to predict US energy policy. Can energy security and sustainability be achieved, despite this unprecedented unpredictability? What can policymakers, businesspeople and NGO leaders do to collaborate? Meanwhile, technology has now progressed enough many new solutions are possible. What are the main global challenges, and which technologies are in the lead as solutions? What roles will coal, nuclear, solar, geothermal, and wind energies play, and can they be harnessed to be safe and profitable? Experts from India, Japan and the USA share their premises and prognostications.

-Mara Prentiss, Professor of Physics, Harvard University
-Narendra Taneja, Energy Expert and Spokesperson BJP (India’s governing party)
-Hiroyuki Tezuka, Executive Assistant & General Manager, JFE Steel Corporation
-Moderator: Nobuo Tanaka, Chairman, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation

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