Night school was created for people who wanted to continue work and earn a degree at the same time—removing a barrier to study by changing the timing of the classes. Online learning was a further iteration in this process, removing the location barrier of the classes. However, watching recorded videos loses the excitement of interactive learning.

The next iteration is interactive online learning: Students from all over the world can interact with each other. For GLOBIS, our online courses are held live from Tokyo, and one barrier still remains: 10 am in Japan is the middle of the night in Europe and Africa. However, even this barrier can be broken – meet Willem Moore, hailing from South Africa. Willem take the concept of night school a step further, waking up at 2 am local time to take a 3-hour MBA course every other Saturday, pursuing his education with a vigor fueled by passion and a strong cup of coffee. What motivates Willem? We sat down with him to learn more.

1. Why did you choose GLOBIS University online courses?

My drive was to find a university that offers a reputable global MBA program online, with an entrepreneurial undertone and practical application mindset. I found all this in GLOBIS. The reason for online is due to the flexibility I need to fit my travel schedule. As a bonus, I had the opportunity to meet Dean Nakamura during my company’s internal leadership development training, and a quick follow up visit to the Tokyo campus gave me the assurance I needed.

2. What were your expectations studying for an MBA online?

My dream is to build an international business incubation company that will provide high quality enterprise management services and infrastructure to start-ups and SMME (small, medium, & micro-enterprise) business. I feel that the MBA program will equip me better to achieve my goal by deepening my understanding of what makes a business work.

3. You work for a global Japanese company. Does taking courses online, with students and content on Japan, help you with your work?

An MBA student studies online

The value of studying with GLOBIS University is closing the gap in understanding. Collaboration with students and content on Japan adds value to my work, and my understanding of how Japanese companies think and act are deepened. For example, my context is Africa as an emerging market. Will the strategy that we are discussing work in Africa? Will the advantage that was created in Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai be applicable? Our work-style is built on PDCA, kaizen and always asking “why” 5 times. During some classes I have noted that these principles are new to most non-Japanese classmates. On the other hand, I had a few “same school of thought” moments as well. During our midterm planning, many aspects that have been requested to us from Japan were covered during my recent Strategy class. Through our discussions, we share our experience and knowledge.

4. There are students from 8 nationalities across 4 time zones in a live, interactive, online class. What are your impressions of this diversity?

I believe that we have much to learn from each other in light of diversity, we all think differently and sometimes limited to our environment. The GLOBIS diversity is inspiring and a big focus for many organizations. I find different opinions and ways of thinking fascinating. We also learn about each other’s culture. I would like to focus more on social interaction using Piazza (discussion software) to build lasting international relationships, and build my digital community.  

5. Do you have any advice for people considering studying online?

Want to build a global network, experience diversity and further your career, but a fixed classroom schedule is just not possible? Online is the answer. It allows one to study wherever you find yourself in the world, at home or traveling abroad. An indirect benefit of studying online is that it builds your digital leadership capability. More frequently, meetings are held online and decisions are made during video conferences. Lastly, it is not that bad getting up at 2:00 AM to study, you still have the whole day available…  

Want to join Willem? A new way of learning online

Debate, discussion, and presentation skills are critical for a business education. GLOBIS online courses are live and interactive, utilizing next-generation videoconferencing technology to bring a true classroom experience anywhere in the world. Engage with full voice and video, chatting and voting tools, virtual whiteboards, and more. Have a question? Virtually raise your hand and ask the lecturer. Online courses feature the same content, curriculum, and faculty as on-campus courses and award the same degree. Join Willem, along with countless others from across the globe, and discover how a GLOBIS MBA and online courses can change your life and boost your career. You may not even have to wake up at 2 am!