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Jesper Edman

Associate Professor of International Business and Marketing, Waseda University
Mr. Edman is an expert on international business, with a particular focus on the globalization of Japanese companies. Having studied, worked, and taught in Tokyo for over twenty five years, he regularly lectures and consults on issues of global strategy and cross-cultural management at some of Japan’s largest corporations. His current research focuses in particular on the impact that foreign employees are having on Japanese management practices.

Professor Edman received his Ph.D. from the Stockholm School of Economics and was previously a faculty member at Hitotsubashi University’s Graduate School of Corporate Strategy (ICS) and Department of Commerce. He joined Waseda University’s School of Commerce in April of 2018. Professor Edman’s research on foreign banks in Japan has received multiple global awards, and his current research continues to appears in top-ranked journals of his field.
Global Japan
NOV 20, 2020

Leverage and Empower International Employees

Most companies blame low international employee retention on cultural differences, but the real problem is lack of strategy. Here’s how your company can properly leverage employee diversity.