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Erdina Oudang

Managing Director, UNLOCK INC
Ms. Oudang is managing director of strategic consulting firm UNLOCK INC, specializing in Indonesia market entry. She has lived in Singapore, Switzerland, France, and Japan. This global exposure helps her view the Indonesian market from different perspectives and carve out corporate expansion opportunities. Her background in international relations and finance has also granted her a unique global network in both the private and public sectors of diverse industries, including banking, infrastructure, and retail. She has worked with the Indonesian Delegation for UNESCO in Paris, the Standard Bank of South Africa in Singapore, and Barclays Bank Wealth Management in Singapore. She had also been an F&B entrepreneur.

Ms. Oudang graduated from the American University of Paris, France with a double B.A. in international economics and business administration. She received her MBA from GLOBIS in 2012.
Career Success
JUN 21, 2017

Realizing My Kokorozashi: Bridging Japan and Indonesia

GLOBIS graduate Erdina Oudang shares her story of founding her own company, a successful restaurant in Tokyo.