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Darren Menabney

Partner Faculty, GLOBIS University

Global Employee Engagement Lead, Ricoh Company Ltd.
Darren leads initiatives to build stronger teams, create a global corporate culture, and boost collaboration among Ricoh Co. Ltd.’s 95,000 employees in over 65 countries. As partner faculty at GLOBIS, he teaches Business Presentation, Critical Thinking, and Building Virtual Teams to international MBA students. He also teaches Storytelling and Design Thinking with IDEO U; writes online for Fast Company and Forbes on storytelling, presentation skills, and global team building; and has been a TEDx speaker.

Prior to moving to Tokyo in 2011 to study at GLOBIS, Darren spent over 20 years in Toronto working for the Canadian federal government. His career there encompassed diplomacy, business development, and building public-private-academia partnerships in the Canadian innovation ecosystem.

Darren has a BSc in astronomy and physics from the University of Toronto and an MBA from GLOBIS.
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