Yoshito Hori explains how G1 and G1 Global got started.

The G1 Summit started in Aizu-Bandai in February 2009 as a platform where leaders in various fields can meet, learn, discuss, and take action to create a better Japan. We have now grown to host six annual conferences including the  G1 Global, G1 Executive, G1 New Leaders Summit, G1 Venture, and G1 Region.

The three principles of G1 are as follows:

1) Make proposals rather than mere criticism
2) Take actions, do not just form ideas
3) Foster awareness as leaders

Numerous initiatives have been spawned from discussions at G1, including KIBOW and 100 Actions, to change Japan on various fronts. Leaders meet regularly to represent key communities: Politics, Governors & Mayors Network, Governmental Agency Staff, Media, Social Entrepreneurs & NPOs, and Sports. The plans under the 100 Actions project have gradually been put into action to bring about change in society. We continue to work to create a better Japan.

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