By Yoshimasa Hayashi, Heizo Takenaka and Nik Gowing.

< Session Title >
G1 Global Conference 2014
Plenary Session I
Towards 2020: How Should Japan Navigate its Politics and Economy?

< Date > September 15, 2013
< Venue > GLOBIS University, Tokyo Campus
< Duration > 1:22:48

< Session description >
This session will discuss a possible roadmap on how Japan can best tackle its most pressing policy issues. Is Abenomics likely to succeed in pulling Japanese economy out of its deflationary spiral? How should various deregulatory steps be pursued and implemented, including the negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement? And what of relations with the neighboring countries? The expert panel on the Japanese economy and politics will assess the performance so far of the second Abe administration and will map out the agenda to be further discussed in the subsequent sessions.

Yoshimasa Hayashi
Member of the House of Councillors

Heizo Takenaka
Director, Global Security Research Institute
Professor, Keio University

Nik Gowing
International Broadcaster and Journalist

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