By Glen S. Fukushima, Mitchell T. Maki and Taro Kono.

< Session Title >
G1 Global Conference 2014
Breakout Session III <B >
Japan-US Relations: the Role of Japanese Americans

< Date > September 15, 2013
< Venue > GLOBIS University, Tokyo Campus
< Duration > 1:15:49

< Session description >
The 442nd Regiment of the US Army, composed entirely of the Japanese-American soldiers, became “the most decorated unit in the US military history” during the World War II, but the Japanese-Americans living in the mainland US were sent to the internment camps at the same time. The history of the Japanese-Americans is not well known in Japan. This session will shed light on somewhat underrated roles played by Japanese-Americans in both historical and contemporary contexts of Japan-US relations.

Glen S. Fukushima
Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

Mitchell T. Maki
Vice Provost, California State University Dominguez Hills

Taro Kono
Member of the House of Representatives

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