By Ravi Kumar, Tomoya Nakamura, Hellmut Schutte and Yoko Ishikura.

< Session Title >
G1 Global Conference 2014
Breakout Session III <A >
Global Skills and Leadership Education: Perspectives from Asian Business Schools

< Date > September 15, 2013
< Venue > GLOBIS University, Tokyo Campus
< Duration > 1:16:28

< Session description >
Human capital forms an essential pillar of economic growth. What does it take to produce globally minded leaders with skills to match in competitive business environments? Is Japan lagging behind in the globalization of human resources? What are the current hiring trends of Asia-based companies? Three Deans from leading business schools in Asia discuss challenges and opportunities as providers of skills training and leadership education.

Ravi Kumar
Shaw Chair Professor and Dean, Nanyang Business School,
Nanyang Technological University

Tomoya Nakamura
Dean, Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University

Hellmut Schutte
Vice President and Dean
China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

Yoko Ishikura
Professor Emeritus, Hitotsubashi University

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