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100 Actions is a project to create a vision for Japan while generating nationwide policy debate. Any troubled company can recover by fulfilling just ten necessary actions. Japan, which is pervaded by a sense of stagnation, should be able to break free of its impasse if it accomplishes 100 goals. When the vision has been accomplished and 100 boxes for specific actions have been checked, this silent revolution will be finished. It is my aim to become personally involved in creating a Japan that holds out bright hope for the next generation.

100 Actions was started in July 2011. Even back then, Japan was suffused with a sense of stagnation and anxiety. Unfortunately, no leader has been successful in presenting a bright future to allay this feeling. In the 100 Actions project, we have worked to develop a vision for the future of Japan and specific action plans using social media, such as blogs, online social networks and Twitter. Chapter 1 describes the five basic principles of 100 Actions.

The Five Basic Principles of 100 Actions

1. Freedom, Self-Reliance and Personal Responsibility
Building a nation of people who are self-reliant and not dependent on the government, who help and cooperate with each other, who make best use of the wisdom of the old while striving to motivate and create hope for the young, and a society that rewards those who have made an effort.

2. Economic Growth through Creativity and Change
Building a nation that is full of vitality and is constantly changing and innovating. This to be accomplished by promoting new business entries through extensive deregulation and by making maximum use of private-sector initiatives through new ventures and innovation in line with the principles of capitalism and market economy.

3. Administrative Efficiency and Fiscal Rehabilitation
Building a nation that does not unduly burden its future generations. This to be accomplished by taking early action to reform the structures of the central and local governments, by achieving small, efficient and reliable government administration through the use of IT, and by maintaining fiscal discipline.

4. A Nation Founded on Education, Science and Technology, and Culture
Building a nation that leads the world in science and technology and culture. This to be accomplished by strengthening the education system to foster a national workforce of people capable of succeeding on the global stage, and by attracting and absorbing people, goods, funds and knowledge from around the world.

5. Active Contribution to Global Society
Building a nation that is trusted by the world and actively contributes to world peace and prosperity. This to be accomplished by strategically implementing policies in relation to national defense, foreign relations and ODA, by actively participating in international organizations and meetings, and by being positively engaged in the resolution of global problems and challenges.

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