The MOXY boutique hotel chain, run by Marriott, aims to be a game changer for the hospitality industry. Focused on a new generation of travelersーfun huntersーthe MOXY business model is fueled by social media (Instagram, in particular), community involvement, and play. They value guest interaction that is real, unstaged, and full of energy. Fun hunters are expected to make up 60% of Marriott International’s business within the next four years, which is why the MOXY concept has been carefully researched to deliver on the changing lifestyles and expectations of this crucial target.

As engaging younger generations, such as millennials, is a challenge for many businesses today, GLOBIS Insights recently interviewed three crucial players at MOXY’s Kinshicho, Tokyo location: Director of Operations Anne Drescher, Cluster PR Manager Saori Jerkins, and Captain Masa Yamada.