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Want to start your professional career in Japan? Here are three pieces of simple advice.

1. Know thyself.

Have a very clear idea of what you are looking for in a job. What is your preference in terms of industry, function, and business model? What kind of customers do you want to serve? What conditions are you unable or unwilling to compromise on? Salary? Location? Working environment? Benefits? Brand recognition? Understand your priorities before you get started.

2. Be proactive.

GLOBIS proudly readies its graduates for finding their place in the workforce, including making introductions to global companies. If you don’t have access to this kind of network, at least hold mock interviews or seek CV guidance. Being prepared isn’t just about knowing what you want. It’s impossible to get a job without taking the initiative to ready yourself. You will need to do research, contact recruiters, and expand your network.

3. Develop resilience.

An MBA is not a magic spell that will make your ideal job appear out of thin air. You may (will probably!) need to apply to many companies during your job search, and in the process, you might face a lot of rejection. But don’t be discouraged! Rejection is often a good opportunity to reflect, learn, and move on.

Always take a moment to analyze why an opportunity didn’t pan out. Do you need more experience? A more tailored resume? More interview practice? A higher level of Japanese? Some companies or positions require business-level language skills, although even conversational-level Japanese is effective in leaving a positive impression on your interviewers.

Know yourself, be proactive, and don’t take it personally if the answer is no. That just means your yes is still ahead.

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