Dr. Adam Kassab, lecturer at GLOBIS University, invites a variety of guests from around the world to discuss people, culture, and business from an “inside Japan” perspective.

Guest: Pauline Chakmakjian, Board Member, The Japan Society of the UK
Host: Adam Kassab, GLOBIS
Date: April 30, 2012
Venue: GLOBIS Tokyo campus, Japan
Duration: 15:30

Pauline talks about her research on Freemasonry in Japan, including:

・Affiliated lodges in the USA and UK
・Cultural differences between American, British, French and Japanese “ways”
・The best aspects to take from each culture to create a “super culture”
・Japanese “rabbit culture”
・The unique Japanese emotional reaction to nature
・How “China is for thinkers and Japan is for sensualists”

With an admiration for the craftsmen and stonemasons of Japan’s castles, Pauline also tells us about her passion for art and the traditional crafts of Japan. Cutting through much hype and “MBA Speak,” the most important elements of a global mindset are simply described as having an artistic nature and being able to escape from the trappings of education.
Many thanks from everyone at GLOBIS to Pauline and we would like to echo what she says in the interview to our viewers around the world “Once in your life before you die come to Japan!”

Inside Japan 2: Pauline Chakmakjian, Part 2

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