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Scott Brimmer

Director/Brewmaster, Brimmer Brewing K.K.
Brimmer Brewing was created in the summer of 2011 with the passion and promise of producing the finest ales and lagers in Japan using all natural ingredients and traditional brewing methods. Brew Master and Founder Scott Brimmer brings a wealth of international brewing experience and accolades ensuring each beer produced is true to its individual style and first class in every way. Every beer produced at the Brimmer Brewery is the “brewer’s choice” following an unbridled pursuit of character and flavor. We believe in the simple principal of Quality and Consistency. Each style we make is as individual as the people drinking them, so order a Brimmer beer and we’ll deliver the quality you deserve! Prepare yourself for premium American and British style ales along with deliciously smooth yet crisp easy-drinking German lagers.
Global Japan
AUG 22, 2013

Neo Asia Challenge 4: Scott Brimmer

Mr. Steven Neo, Full-time MBA Candidate of GLOBIS University in Tokyo, discusses the “Neo Asia Challenge” with a variety guests from various businesses and cultures in Japan and Asia.