Nick D’Aloisio is the sixteen-year-old founder of Summly, a technology company based in London. His recent global fame is largely thanks to Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-Shing and powerful VC firms’ investment in his company. He stopped by Tokyo in March 2012 during a world tour to talk about his business, entrepreneurship, and Japan.

Speaker: Nick D’Aloisio, Founder, Summly Limited
References: “The 16-Year-Old Startup CEO And The Hong Kong Billionaire [TCTV]” (TechCrunch), “The Teen, the Billionaire, and the Revolutionary Search Tool” (Forbes)
Date: March 6, 2012
Venue: Tokyo, Japan
Duration: 5:00
Interviewer: Hiroyasu Mizuno, GLOBIS.JP

16-Year-Old UK Entrepreneur Visits Tokyo, Part 2

Duration: 4:14

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