One of the top risks set out for 2018 by Eurasia Group is that of a “Global Tech Cold War.” As technological breakthroughs accelerate, people become more connected than ever, and efforts to protect privacy become more and more difficult. AI, big data, and IoT are enabling greater access to information. Companies in the US and China are racing to utilize this information and dominate the market. Other countries may be forced to take sides on standards, infrastructure, hardware and software. Consumers may one day have to choose between Baidu or Google, WeChat or WhatsApp, Weibo or Twitter, Paypal or Alipay.

On a government level, countries that want more control of information may choose to emulate the Great Firewall of China. These are just some of the elements that the Fourth Industrial Revolution brings forward, both as challenges and as opportunities. This G1 Global panel discussed how we can seize opportunities in this dramatic time.

October 14, 2018 G1 Global Conference

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