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Daisuke Kan

Executive Director, Cheerio Corporation Co., LTD.
Daisuke Kan currently serves as the Executive Director at Cheerio Group, a rapidly growing Japanese beverage company with 400 employees. His passion lies in building an innovation company, an organization with capability to bridge different values to co-create and capture entrepreneurial opportunities. As a strong believer in entrepreneurship, Daisuke actively playing a role in the Tofu Project, Bay Area/Tokyo based movement to promote entrepreneurship and design thinking with top-tier Silicon Valley disruptors(=innovators) community. He also serves as Co-chair of Stanford Business School Alumni Tokyo Chapter, Asia 21 Young Leaders Fellowship and Board Member at Institute of Communication Art, a Tokyo based NPO which promotes creativity in child education. He earned his B.A. from the University of Tokyo in American Studies and his MBA from Stanford University.
Global Japan
MAY 24, 2013

Inside Japan 15: Daisuke Kan

Dr. Adam Kassab, Professor of GLOBIS University in Tokyo, invites a variety of guests from around the world to discuss people, culture and business from an “Inside Japan” perspective. The fifteenth guest is Mr. Daisuke Kan, Executive Director, Cheerio Corporation Co., LTD.