Masaharu Takenaka, professor of economics at Ryukoku University, discusses about how we should characterize our society and how we can change it based on his analysis and comparison on Japan and the U.S. This is Vol.1 of his lecture series.

Professor Masaharu Takenaka’s lecture series Vol.1

Topic:How Should We Characterize Our Society? And How Can We Change It? – 1/2 (Lecture Session)
Speaker: Masaharu Takenaka, Professor of Economics, Ryukoku University
Date: April 16, 2012
Venue: GLOBIS Tokyo campus, Japan
Excerpt: “……..But I might have to admit that the libertarian approach, even a very moderate one, could not be popular in Japan. The feasible changing course for Japan might be the one towards the maternal individual society where collaboration and harmony are equally appreciated with competition. Guided market mechanism is preferred to pure free choice and competition……..”
Duration: 12:30