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Career Success
DEC 9, 2010

A Three-City Tour of Asia, with Stops in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

…arriving in Singapore, I checked in to a hotel and went straight to visit an investor. From his new office, I could see Singapore’s new casino. The building surprised me…

Global Japan
OCT 23, 2013

Singapore’s Strategic Foray into the Space Industry

With a decline in domestic disc media and computer parts manufacturing, Singapore repurposed its proficiency for electronics and precision engineering to better compete. The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) managed…

Global Japan
NOV 19, 2013

E-commerce Trends in Singapore Are Transforming Customer Expectations and Company Strategy

Singapore is home to over 4,000 online businesses, ranging from blog shops to grocery stores. LiveJournal, which hosts more than 50,000 Singaporean blog shops, reports that its platform attracts 480,000…

Global Japan
JAN 18, 2019

Anime, Collaboration, and Innovation: What Japan and Singapore Can Learn from Each Other

Ranked fifth on the 2018 Global Innovation Index, Singapore promotes collaboration among the government, research institutes, and universities through organizations such as A*STAR. Dr. You Huan Yeo, head of the International…

Career Success
MAY 13, 2005

Myanmar Travel Diary, Part One: The Road to Yangon

…shirt and tie, put on shorts and a polo shirt, donned a hat and sunglasses, and headed for Singapore’s Changi Airport. I boarded the SilkAir flight—a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines—to…

Career Success
NOV 21, 2011

Report on My Business Trip to New Zealand: Annual Meeting of the Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools

I left for Haneda Airport at 10 p.m. on November 15 after finishing a class on entrepreneurial leadership. At Haneda, I boarded a 12:30 flight to Singapore. Arriving in Singapore

Career Success
NOV 11, 2004

Venture Capital Gathering in Asia (Part 1)

I had just returned from a three-week, round-the-world business trip, and only had five days before taking off again for Hong Kong and Singapore. Even between the two trips, however,…

Career Success
SEP 6, 2006

Forbes CEO Conference No. 2: Our Presence in Asia

…out the day at the conference was the founder of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew. The management baton of Singapore had already been passed to the next generation, as well, but…

Global Japan
SEP 2, 2016

Action 64. Contribute to the World through the Water Business!

…expertise. Singapore has followed suit. Singapore has long been dependent on the import of water from adjacent Malaysia but has engaged in other options as part of its national policy,…

Career Success
OCT 3, 2007

Dalian Davos Meeting Report Part 3: Discussions with Leaders from Emerging Countries

…and about 8 people at each table. I greeted those sitting at my table and exchanged business cards. They had come from around the world: India, Jordan, Singapore, Hong Kong,…