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Career Success
JUL 17, 2013

Self-Service Coffee at Convenience Stores, Insights into the Future of Customer Service

…in Japan by the end of August 2013, with an annual sales estimate of 330 million cups which is comparable to Mac Donald’s sales figures for coffee. Lawson, Circle K…

Career Success
NOV 6, 2018

How a Japanese Martial Art Revived Godiva

…resounding yes. In fact, the title of his book (available in Japanese) says it all: TARGET: How did Godiva manage to double its sales in five years? On October 29,…

Career Success
DEC 13, 2001

Works Applications’ IPO

…constructive decisions. Net sales and profits were always on target as forecast by the management, and Works achieved sales of 100 million yen for the first fiscal year, 250 million…

Global Japan
AUG 11, 2016

Action 45. Break Up the Japan Agricultural Cooperatives and Promote New Entries via the Internet and Other Means to Reform Agricultural Distribution!

…distribution (of agricultural products), and product sales (sales and leasing of agricultural chemicals, agricultural materials, etc.) – should be separated to reduce the power of the monopolizing company. 2. Apply…

Tech & Innovation
JAN 10, 2018

Dreamforce Marketing Challenges and Trends for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Age of B2I

Dreamforce, one of the world’s largest sales & marketing conferences, was hosted by Salesforce once again in San Francisco. Over 2,700 sessions were conducted over four days, with topics focused…

The Innovative Business Model of Oreno Restaurants

sales to procuring ingredients. Great for saving money, but this model inevitably breeds poorly paid employees in high-pressure working environments that stifle creativity and motivation. Sakamoto re-invented the traditional F&B…

Global Japan
SEP 18, 1998

Synchronous World Recession: Away from Crass Capitalism, Toward Inner “Satisfaction-ism”

…many good friends I have. For me, the network of staff and students at GLOBIS represent an immeasurable fortune. Having said that, of course, sales and profits are also very…

Career Success
MAR 26, 2013

Hello Kit Kat

…UK television campaigns in 1958. Nestlé acquired Rowntree in 1988 and introduced the first flavor variant, Kit Kat Orange, in 1996 to combat sluggish domestic sales. This move turned out…

Career Success
JAN 30, 2017

Beating the fear of cold calling, and other lessons kids taught me

minute to push for sales. This learning point is one I really must take to heart. Even though I have lots of experience in sales, I prefer working through introductions…

Career Success
FEB 7, 2017

I’m offering too many services!

sales day. It must have been hard to go back to the chamber of commerce just over a week later to reflect on what they had achieved. There were two…