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Global Japan
OCT 30, 2017

North Korea and Asian Geopolitics: Views from Japan, China, India, and the US

Geopolitical challenges in Asia have become multi-dimensional. North Korea’s persistent development of their nuclear and missile programs have prompted upgraded responses by the U.S. and China, and triggered a reorientation…

Global Japan
NOV 13, 2018

Asian Geopolitics: North Korea and How to Achieve Regional Stability

The June 2018 meeting between North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un and US President Donald Trump seemed to signify a new momentum in East Asia’s geopolitical balance. A few months later, the warm…

Global Japan
APR 10, 2018

Japan’s Role in Containing North Korea: Prof. Ken Jimbo

Ken Jimbo, a Professor at Keio University and member of the G1 Global Advisory Board, shares how Japan can play a role in the situation involving North Korea. Prof. Jimbo will…

Global Japan
OCT 4, 2016

Action 91. Seventy Years since the End of WWII – Build Relationships with Other Countries with an Eye to the Future! (1 of 2)

Korea! With regard to North Korea, it is necessary for Japan to be prepared for any contingency as well as to develop a scenario for a post-collapse North Korea. It…

Global Japan
APR 25, 2017

Ian Bremmer: Top 10 Political Risks Global Leaders Must Know

…sheer number of places where U.S.-China tensions might play out — North Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the East and South China Seas — make 2017 a dangerous year for China,…

Career Success
JUN 14, 2013

Tour of seven Asian cities, Part I: scenes from Sendai, Fukuoka, and Jeju Island

…Japanese Consul’s words: “the Korean public opinion appears to have become increasingly narrow-minded. It is critically important that Japan rationally responds to the views of the Koreans in their 30s…

Career Success
AUG 3, 2011

KIBOW Hachinohe Meeting: Shouldering the Responsibility to Rebuild Devastated Areas from the North Side

…coast section of the Tohoku region, which stretches from Iwaki in the south to Hachinohe in the north (with the exceptions of the towns of Okuma and Futaba, that are…

Career Success
APR 6, 2010

Japanese corporations should forget the monozukuri myth and work on refining management capacity

1997, Japanese companies had advantages over Korean companies in both quality and quantity. But when Korea accepted IMF aid in 1997, Korean companies fell into a financial crisis and had…

Global Japan
MAY 21, 2019

The Millennial Identity: How East Asian Students at Top Universities See Themselves

…are] until you start to work.” From left to right: Rocky (South Korea), Coco (China), Timothy (South Korea) Who do Millennials want to work with? So what about leaders? What…

Global Japan
OCT 17, 2018

G1 Global Conference 2018 Photo Essay

…Asia Pacific Initiative) #2 Breakout Session A Asian Geopolitics: North Korea and How to Achieve Regional Stability Ken Jimbo (Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University) Dong Wang (Professor, School of…